Dunas Capital Real Assets

Investments in real assets, tangible profits

At Dunas Real Assets, we make available to you a team of specialists with over 15 years’ experience in investment in real assets and the design of attractive financial investments with tax advantages.

Real Assets

We offer you investment opportunities in transportation assets such as ships and aircraft, as well as energy efficiency projects.

These are long-term investments with demonstrably sound counterparties, low volatility, generating attractive and stable returns.

Tax Equity

We offer you investment opportunities in real projects in strategic sectors of the Spanish economy such as R&D, the movie industry and shipbuilding.

At Dunas Real Assets, we take charge of originating and structuring these deals, which enjoy attractive rates of return and are covered by a stable legal framework in a market that has been operating in Spain for approximately 20 years.

Our figures speak for themselves:

2001 – 2016:

Structuring of approximately 100 tax equity operations.

2010 – 2014:

Investments in 50 renewable energy projects with an investment of approximately 1.5 billion US dollars.

2006 – 2016:

Investment in the amount of EUR 700 MM in 80 transportation assets with an asset value of 3.5 bn.

2014 – 2015:

Investment in energy efficiency equipment for a financial entity in the United Kingdom, with the execution of 800 branch offices and 15 corporate buildings.

Gregorio Herrera

Dunas Real Assets Director.

Partner in the Real Assets unit with over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector.

In Banco Santander, which he joined in 2000, Gregorio occupied the position of Global Head of Real Assets Investments (2014 – 2016), and was the head for Europe (2008 – 2013) after being one of the founders of this activity. Between 1995 and 2000, he worked in UBS Spain/UBS Warburg in the Corporate Finance and Structured Finance departments. He holds a degree in Economics and Business from the CUNEF.

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