The management of your real-estate wealth in good hands

At Inmoseguros, we want to help you make the most out of your assets in view of your characteristics, your individual targets and the timing of the market. We specialize in the residential sector.
We work with institutional investors to whom we offer three clearly differentiated services:
  • · A ·

    Facility Management

  • · B ·

    Property Portfolio Management

  • · C ·

    Real-Estate Brokerage

· A ·
Facility Management,
the administration of all your properties under control

Through this area, Inmoseguros takes charge of the documentation and accounting of your real estate holdings, as well as the negotiation and collection of rentals, repairs and refurbishment, incidents and unforeseen events, ...

In short, we deal with all the property management areas that might generate problems so that you can forget about them.

· B ·
Property Management,
we make your real assets management easy

At Inmoseguros, we provide you with the structure you need for effective and successful Real Estate management. We manage your real-estate portfolio as a whole in the light of your goals, your risk profile, its make-up, as well as the circumstances affecting the real-estate and financial markets.

We conduct a regular review of your property portfolio to offer you our proposals for redesigning your real estate by use, by geographical distribution and by risk and diversification criteria, as well as in terms of the expected market trends.

In short, we focus on Property Investments: from analysis, design of strategies, planning and optimization of assets down to the resolution of legal and tax impacts in the real-estate sector.

· C ·
Real-estate brokerage,
we advise you with respect to your property transactions

At Inmoseguros, our highly qualified team will help you take the best decisions with respect to purchase, sale or rent transactions for any kind of real-estate asset.

We provide all possible information about the supply and demand viewed by our clients, as well as our assessment of prices, qualities, availability and market prospects. In addition, if you need it, we can advise you on the way to negotiate your transactions.


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Rafael Blanco

Representative for the Inmoseguros area.

Lawyer, with a degree in Fine Art, an Executive MBA from the IESE business school and 30 years’ experience in the real-estate sector. Since 1989, he has formed part of the Inverseguros Group, where he now holds the position of General Manager for the Property Area of Inverseguros - Dunas Capital.

He was previously the Real Estate General Manager for Montecanal S.A., Deputy Director for Investments at the Banco Zaragozano, and Area Manager of Indubán (part of the Banco de Vizcaya Group).

If you would like more information about the activities Inmoseguros S.A., please, do not hesitate to contact us !