The management of your real estate, in good hands

At Inmoseguros Tasación, SAU, we are devoted to the appraisal of real-estate assets. We also have the appropriate permits to assess the value of any kind of property in Spain.
Because of our special links to the insurance sector, we have specialized in the appraisal of assets held by institutional investors: insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds and property investment funds.
Our network of appraisers, comprising architects, quantity surveyors and engineers, carried out appraisals for all kinds of property located in Spain for a wide range of purposes:
Valuation of the assets of Real-Estate Investment Funds
Properties offered as collateral for mortgage credits
Sale and purchase or rental transactions
Opposing appraisals
If you would like more information about the activities Inmoseguros S.A., please, do not hesitate to contact us !