Dunas Capital Inverseguros SV

Innovating to provide you with the value you need in bonds.

We are much more than a fixed-income broker on behalf of our institutional and corporate clients: we are your personal expert advisor on a constantly changing market and we can innovate to provide you with the most profitable, exclusive and personalized products. A reduced but highly attractive product range.
At Inverseguros Sociedad de Valores, we work with both government and corporate debt in their various formats (senior, subordinated and preferred debt, private placements and structured products) from all kinds of issuers in different countries.
Fixed Income Desk:
taking the pulse of the market

Initially set up as a trading desk for a large part of the Spanish insurance sector, it has now become somewhat more than that in both quantitative and qualitative terms, as we currently have close to 200 institutional clients, from both Spain and abroad, and we also offer not only execution but also recommendations on bonds, looking for opportunities in terms of relative value, bond follow-up, etc.

With almost 25 years operating, our Fixed Income desk offers the possibility of investing in all kinds of bonds, whether in euros or the major currencies.

This asset diversity, along with the track record of our team of professionals, has enabled us to earn a respected position in the sector.

Depositary services

Since 1991, we have been registered with the CNMV as a Depositary for Investment Fund Asset Managers. This has allowed us to accumulate great expertise in the institutional sector and, as a result, a profound understanding of its needs.

We have all the technical and human resources in place to be able to perform these activities.

Analysis and strategy:
the keys to our success

We have a fast, flexible team of senior analysts with the ability to analyze market events as promptly as possible to facilitate quick decision-making. Furthermore, we offer you unbiased and easily understood information: our team works independently and always focused on you the client.

We provide you with a 360º vision of the markets thanks to our intra-day monitoring of data and macro-economic and monetary news, in view of our global macro-economic analysis specifically for bond markets.

At Inverseguros S.V., we have a solid structure that enables us to adapt to your requirements.

Paco Otero

Representative of Inverseguros S.V Dunas Capital.

Paco obtained a degree in Economics and Business from the Complutense University in Madrid before taking an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1998 and 2000, he worked in fund valuation at Safei. With over 12 years’ experience and 20 years in the financial sector, Paco is currently in charge of the Inverseguros Fixed Income desk, leading a team of eight professionals of renowned value, where he is modernizing and expanding the desk’s international business, as well as managing its trading book.

If you would like more information about the activities we carry out at Inverseguros S.V. Please, do not hesitate to contact us !