Facilitating the administration and management 
of pension funds and pension plans

At Inverseguros Pensions, we have been working with institutional clients for almost a decade to help them implement the commercialization of Pension Plans. We currently cover the entire range of pension funds and pension plans on the market through the management of 18 funds and 21 plans.
Our aim:
to make your job easier

As a fund manager, we take charge of all the communications and all the paperwork needed between entities and clients. In addition, we work independently of any banking group.

Working exclusively with institutional clients enables us to offer you a highly personalized experience: we establish a direct, customized and permanent relationship.

Furthermore, we help you set up your pension plans and we offer technical support and consultancy services for all legal issues, advice and training so that the marketing of your pension plans achieves true success.

All these clients have already placed their trust in us:

Dunas Capital Pensiones
If you would like more information about the activities we carry out at Inverseguros S.A., please do not hesitate to contact us !