Our Strategy

At Dunas Capital, we are the benchmark Asset Management company in Iberia for institutional clients. To maintain this, we focus our strategy on:
Traditional Funds Management

We manage Conventional Assets through Investment Funds and Pension Funds on behalf of our clients: other asset managers, qualified investors, insurance companies, private banks, etc.

Real Estate Asset

We have an Asset Manager focusing on real estate investments for our institutional clients, insurance companies and private equity funds.

Alternative Asset Management

Alternative Assets for institutional clients:

  • Real Assets
  • Tax Equity
  • Long-Short hedge fund
  • Liquidity funds

  • Fixed Income Desk & Depositary
  • Real Estate Services and Brokerage
  • Consulting

Dunas Capital: Our view of the context.

Our presence is supported by the existence of the Three Investment Theses:

1) Accumulation businesses will grow a lot because of population ageing.
2) Increased regulatory changes will bring opportunities for independent asset managers.
3) Major changes in the financial markets in a low-interest-rate environment alter risk profiles.

Demographic trends, client needs, prospects for state pensions and regulatory changes are all favoring the growth of a business segment in which the Dunas Group is strongly positioned.