Our Values


Dunas Capital is owned by a group of partners with no relations to any financial group. This allows us to guarantee total independence in our asset management and analysis activities.


The professionals making up the Dunas Capital team have had a long career in the sector. The know-how acquired enables them to design and offer innovative products exclusive to DUNAS, implying unique opportunities on the market.


All our processes are fully traceable.

At Dunas Capital, we work with the maximum levels of transparency and clarity with respect to our products.


At Dunas Capital, we know that every client is unique. That is why we are working to offer each one solutions that fit their specific needs. Our structure enables us to handle requests from our clients quickly and effectively. Multi-brand and multi-channel.


The professionals making up the Dunas Capital team have accumulated more than 30 years’ success in the sector over their careers, where they have been exposed to both local and global markets.


At Dunas Capital, we are committed to respect and preserve the environment, to generate a positive impact on society, and with good corporate governance. For such reasons, we have incorporated the concept of Financial Sustainability as a new determining factor in our investment process. Accordingly, we have created a committee called Dunes ESGreen, which is responsible for ensuring proper internal procedures, and for making sure that the creation of long-term value is done in a responsible and sustainable way for all our managed vehicles.